Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure Camping La Masia, Blanes


Any infraction of these regulations, or ignoring the instructions of the staff, may lead to immediate expulsion from the campsite.

This regulation is based on common practices, legal provisions and other applicable regulations. Its function is to ensure the interests of the campsite and clients alike, and to make the stay of the guests, and their coexistence, as pleasant and safe as possible. For this, La Masia, as manager of the establishment, may also authorize or deny acts not contemplated by these regulations, informing the client of the actions to be undertaken or omitted.

  • ENTRY. The client is obliged to identify himself by means of an official and original document that sufficiently proves his identity. Whenever required, the client must identify himself as a registered guest by the means made available to him.
  • LOCATION. The occupation of plots and accommodation, as well as the change of the same, can only be carried out with prior authorization from Reception. The maximum number of people per pitch and accommodation is six.
  • DIVISION OF THE PLOT. The plots are delimited by the hedges and the light box. In case it is not in the plot, the light box of the nearest plot will be taken as reference. In case of doubt, ask at Reception. Customers who occupy more space than indicated in this regulation will have to quit the invaded area.
  • OBLIGATIONS OF THE CUSTOMER. The client is responsible for keeping their accommodation/plot clean throughout their stay. It is not allowed to put ropes on the trees or the light box, nor to cover the hedges. In the shared spaces of the bungalows it is not allowed to set up tents.
  • HOURS OF SILENCE. (0h to 7h) The silence in this time interval will be absolute. The Camping asks the responsible guest to instill in the people registered in their charge the compliance with the rule of silence during this interval.
  • NOISE. Also during the day, the noise level produced by the customers themselves, their devices and appliances or their pets should not cause inconvenience to the neighbors. It is also applicable in common areas, particularly bathrooms. It will be the campsite’s power to judge when the noise exceeds a reasonable and acceptable level, and may therefore forbid any source of noisepollution.
  • PET ANIMALS. Customers with pets must have civil liability insurance, vaccination certificate and stay in the area designated for it. The animal must be tied at all times and cannot access the interior of toilets and facilities. The owner must remove the feces. The animal must never cause inconvenience to other clients and may not remain on the plot without supervision.
  • CIRCULATION OF VEHICLES. The maximum speed allowed is 10km/h. Circulation in the Camping is forbidden during quiet hours. The barrier is closed from 0am to 7am. Whoever arrives during this period must leave their car in the outdoor parking lot or the street. The general traffic regulations are also in force inside the campsite.
  •  VEHICLE PARKING. Vehicles may only be parked on the plot itself or in the parking lot enabled in the corresponding area. It is strictly forbidden to park in the streets, reserved parking lots, on unoccupied plots or making it difficult for other vehicles to circulate. If a vehicle prevents occupying a plot, the owner of the same will be required to pay in full for an overnight stay on said plot, even if he could not continue occupying it. The outdoor parking is exclusively for vehicles registered or authorized by reception.
  • BICYCLES/SCOOTERS. Bicycles, scooters and similar vehicles may not travel faster than 10km/h. Electric scooters are not allowed.
  • FIRE. It is strictly forbidden to light an open fire, firecrackers, flares or similar in the entire Camping area. Only portable barbecues are authorized.
  • VISITS. They will only be authorized in exceptional cases and if the capacity allows it. They must register at reception and pay the current Visit rate. Including those visitors, there can never be more than 6 people on a plot, or the maximum number of accommodation capacity. The registration holder is responsible for the visitors and their actions.
  • SWIMMING POOL. Strict compliance with the lifeguard’s instructions as well as the pool rules, displayed at the pool entrance, is mandatory. Loungers occupied only by a towel or similar for more than ½ hour may be released by the lifeguard. The use of Burkini or other swimwear or Topless is not allowed. Only the use of the traditional swimsuit, bikini or men’s swimsuit is allowed.
  • DISCLAIMER. The Camping has civil liability insurance to cover damages derived from its strict business activity. In the event of an accident, the damage caused to objects or people by clients or people outside the campsite, are always the responsibility of the causer.

    Camping La Masía will also not be responsible when the cause is not known, nor in cases of theft or force majeure, such as weather (storm, hail, wind, etc.) or fire.
    At reception you can rent safety boxes to deposit valuables.
  • ABANDONED MATERIAL. Any equipment or object that remains in a pitch or accommodation after the stipulated departure time will be considered abandoned. The campsite staff will remove it without assuming any responsibility in case of loss or damage.
  • WASTEWATER. The restrooms have special dumps for chemical sinks. It is strictly prohibited to pour its content anywhere else.
  • FOUNTAINS, LAUNDRIES AND SINKS. Wash clothes and dishes only in the places designated for this purpose and not in drinking water sources.
  • CITIZENSHIP. Try to contribute to the cleaning of the Campsite, leaving the facilities as you found them. Dirty or damage camping facilities, or other campers’ property, intentionally, in addition to expulsion, require restitution for damages caused. Vandalism, aggressive behavior, voyeurism and theft, in addition to expulsion, may be reported to the competent authorities.
  • PRICES. The current rates are those that appear on the website, and valid at the time of consulting them. The prices will be applied per day according to the number of overnight stays. The registration during the night, even if it does not occupy a plot, implies the payment of the overnight stay.
  • PAYMENT OF BILLS. The payment of the invoices, if a shorter term has not been indicated, will be made upon arrival at the campsite. The amount can be paid in cash or card.
  • EXIT. The plot must be empty before 12:00, the accommodation before 10:00. The client must leave them in the same condition as he found them. Those who want to leave the campsite during the quiet hours (0:00-7:00), will have to leave their vehicle in the reception car park before midnight the day before.
  • PARKING. You must park the vehicle where it corresponds according to the accommodation or as indicated in Reception. If you leave it in any other place without authorization, the vehicle will be banned from entering the campsite.
  • SPACE WITHOUT SMOKE. According to state regulations (Law 42/2010) smoking is prohibited in all camping facilities, including swimming pools.
  • LEGAL NOTICE. CAMPING LA MASIA. S.A. informs that the personal data that you have given us to enable your stay at the campsite, are processed in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and GDD. You can find out about your rights by consulting our Privacy Policy, available online and at reception.
  • APPLICATION. These regulations and the provisions set forth in the different facilities are mandatory. It will lose its validity when a more recent edition is published on the web or the official bulletin board. The Camping reserves the right to, in exceptional cases, authorize variations with respect to the published regulations without serving as a precedent for other cases. In no case will the provisions of current legislation or the rights that customers derive from it be altered.